Going Green: The Environmental Advantages Of LED Troffer Lighting


Running an office is a complex, demanding job. There are likely a hundred different concerns on your mind at any given time, so it's understandable that something as seemingly simple as your office lighting rarely takes precedence. Unfortunately, office lights contribute far more to fixed operating costs than most business owners and office managers realize. Office lights make up a shocking 39% of the average office building's energy usage, putting the cost of the humble ceiling light above even computers and HVAC equipment.

19 December 2018

3 Great Strategies For Saving Money On Residential Propane Gas


Propane is a popular form of gas that's used for a lot of home activities, such as cooking and heating. If you use it on a regular basis, then it's in your best interest to remember these cost-saving tips. They can save you a fortune over the years.  Shop Around  You shouldn't just purchase propane tanks from any supplier. After all, they probably charge different rates, and you'll need to shop around so that you end up getting the best deal.

15 December 2018

Three Useful Tips For Homeowners Who Rely On Propane Tanks Often


As a homeowner, you may have a lot of appliances that rely on natural gas. Fueling these appliances will require propane tanks. So that you don't run into any complications when utilizing propane over the years, remember these tips.  Utilize a Tank Delivery Service If you don't want to have to take your propane tank in for an exchange every time it runs out of gas, then you should consider utilizing a delivery service, such as L PGas Services Inc.

5 December 2018