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3 Reasons Why Solar Power Is A Great Fit For Retail Businesses


Retail establishments use a substantial amount of energy – refrigeration is a massive source of energy use that many other businesses don't have to contend with. This leads many retail businesses looking for ways to slash their energy costs and save money on their overall expenses. One of the ways that retail businesses are doing this is by installing commercial solar panels and using solar power for most of their energy needs. The monthly cost savings by switching to solar are often immense. Read on for three reasons why switching to solar power is a smart idea for retail establishments.

1. Lowers Energy Costs and Avoids High-Use Billing From Your Power Company

The most immediate benefit that commercial solar panels provide retail businesses is a substantial reduction in energy costs. While you'll need to pay the up-front cost to purchase and install the solar panels, you'll slowly recoup the costs over their lifetime in the form of reduced energy bills.

Additionally, solar panels can help your retail business avoid being placed in the high-use bracket by your energy company, which can significantly raise energy costs when your demands are high. For example, the increased need for cooling during the summer and heating during the winter in order to keep your customers comfortable can spike your energy usage and cause you to pay high rates for electrical service. With solar power providing the majority of your energy needs, you can keep your energy usage comfortably low even during peak demand seasons.

2. Commercial Solar Panels Are Typically Less Expensive to Install Compared to Residential Panels

The total cost of solar panels, both residential and commercial, has three parts: the cost of the solar panels themselves, the cost of the micro-inverters needed to convert DC energy to usable AC energy, and the cost of installation. Flat roofs, which are common in commercial establishments, are very easy to install solar panels on compared to sloped roofs typical of residential housing. This can save you quite a bit of money on installation costs, which makes commercial solar panels an inexpensive and attractive option for retail establishments.

Even if your retail business doesn't have a flat roof, commercial solar panels can be easily installed on the ground. You may have unneeded parking space or some land on your business' property that can be cleared and used for a solar panel garden. You can simply install your commercial solar panels off-site and transmit the power back to your business– residential customers often don't have this option due to a lack of space on residential lots, keeping installation costs high.

3. Provides Your Retail Business With a Green Marketing Strategy

Customers are attracted to shopping at green businesses, and commercial solar panels help your retail establishment position itself towards this market. You'll get the benefit of reducing your energy costs while also gaining an exciting new marketing tool–you can advertise the fact that your business is committed to sustainability and runs mostly on solar energy.

If you're interested in saving money by switching your retail business to solar power, contact a commercial solar panels broker. You'll need to provide them with your current energy usage along with how many square feet of space is available on your business's roof for installation. With this information, the company can find out how much money you'll save on energy costs along with the estimated cost of installation. A commercial solar power company can also help you discover federal and state tax breaks that may exist in order to reduce the overall cost of switching.


22 May 2019