Learning About Energy Use

For a few months after we purchased a home, we were really frustrated with our monthly power bill. We couldn't believe how much it was costing, but we knew that it couldn't be right. We started evaluating various ways to save money, and it occurred to us that doing something about our energy use needed to be a top priority. We focused on keeping the lights off during the day and eliminating phantom power use, and it helped us to reduce our spending. Now I can honestly say that our home is energy efficient, and it makes me so happy. Check out this blog for more information.

Things To Know About Gas Water Heaters


Gas water heaters are often preferred over electric heaters because they are less expensive to operate since gas is usually less expensive than electricity. A gas water heater is a good choice if you already have a gas line in your home. If you don't have gas, the cost of installing it may be too prohibitive just to power a water heater. However, if you're thinking of getting gas so you can buy a gas fireplace or stove, then you may want to get a gas water heater too. Here are things to know about these appliances.

They Can Run On Natural Gas or Propane

If you live in the country, you may not have access to natural gas. If you have a propane tank or plan to get one, you can use propane to power a gas water heater too. This makes it possible to have a gas tank or tankless heater installed, whether you live in the city or the country.

They Need To Vent Outdoors

Gas water heaters need to vent to the outside. This is true of both tank and tankless heaters. There are different ways your plumber can do this. Some tank models can vent through the roof and others direct vent through the wall. Tankless heaters usually vent through the wall. It's important to position a wall vent so it won't release gas too close to a window. You'll probably want a licensed plumber to install a new gas heater whether it's a tank model or tankless. Professional installation may even be required by your city for safety reasons.

A Tankless Heater May Need Bigger Gas Lines

Tankless gas heaters may need to have larger gas lines than you already have installed. You'll want to ask about this when you get a quote for the installation since adding new gas lines will probably add to the cost. Even if you put the tankless heater where your old gas tank heater was installed, you may need new gas lines since tankless heaters have higher BTU demands than a tank model since they have to heat water faster.

A Tankless Gas Heater May Last Longer

If you're trying to decide between a tankless or tank gas water heater, know that tankless heaters generally last years longer if they're well maintained. This helps you postpone the need for a new water heater and also gives you more time to offset the higher initial purchase price.

There are several factors to compare when choosing between an electric and gas heater and a tank or tankless model, so get help from a plumber if needed so you make a wise choice for your lifestyle and budget.


18 July 2023