Learning About Energy Use

For a few months after we purchased a home, we were really frustrated with our monthly power bill. We couldn't believe how much it was costing, but we knew that it couldn't be right. We started evaluating various ways to save money, and it occurred to us that doing something about our energy use needed to be a top priority. We focused on keeping the lights off during the day and eliminating phantom power use, and it helped us to reduce our spending. Now I can honestly say that our home is energy efficient, and it makes me so happy. Check out this blog for more information.

Why Solar Panels Work Even Better On Rural Properties


Solar panels have long been touted as an easy way to decrease your footprint on the environment as well as your overall electricity bill. While both those claims are true, there are varying amounts to which solar can help someone in an inner-city suburb as opposed to someone in more rural or suburban areas. If you have a decent-sized block or even something larger like an acreage or a farm, then you should seriously consider jumping on solar right now, and start saving a bucketload for you and your whole family. Here are a few reasons why solar works best on rural properties.

Larger Rooves

Solar panels take up a lot of space on the roof of your building, and for those in the city limits, this can be a problem. If your roof is positioned poorly or it is too steep, then solar panels simply won't be possible in the city. However, in the countryside, more people have larger rooves and the chances of a successful solar panel installation go way up. You also are generally able to fit more on, and therefore generate even more power. Plus, the reduced amount of people around make it far easier to install as opposed to working among the hustle and bustle of a busy street.

On-Ground Installation

If you don't much like the idea of installing solar panels on your roof for whatever reason, then there is another way: installing solar panels on the ground. If you have enough room, you can simply set aside an area of your property and put the solar panels there. This works even better because you can position the solar panels perfectly, without having to worry about the contours of the roof or anything like that. That is why large electricity companies install solar panels on the ground, and you can reap these benefits too!

Government Incentives

As solar panels are not yet as easy to install or pay for as traditional electricity (mainly because of the large set-up costs which other utilities do not have) many states and even the federal government have allocated money for solar rebates. Before you dismiss solar panels completely, you should look into just how much you could save if you decide to have them installed. Save on the upfront cost of putting them in and then have them save you money by reducing your power bill over time. Sounds like a win-win for everyone. 


8 April 2021