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2 Questions You May Have About Installing Solar Equipment For Your Industrial Business


After deciding that you wish to implement changes that will lessen your industrial business's carbon footprint, you may have decided to convert your building over to a greener energy option. Once you have narrowed down your choices, you may have decided to look further into using solar energy for the company.

While you have an idea about how solar energy works, you may have questions about installing equipment for a larger operation such as your business. Below are answers to a couple of questions that you may have about installing a solar energy system for your commercial building.

1. Can the Roof of Your Industrial Building Support the Size and Weight of the Solar Equipment?

One question you may have about having the equipment installed has to do with your building's suitability for it. Can the building's roof support the size and weight of the solar panels and wiring?

When the installer comes out to inspect the building, they will make note of the surface area and condition of the roof. Even if they deem that your building cannot support large, heavy monocrystalline solar panels, they may be able to install thin-film solar panels. While the latter is not as efficient, a large number of panels can be installed without damaging the roof.

2. Will the Time Required for the Installation Disrupt Your Business's Operations?

Once you and the installer have decided on the suitable type of solar energy system, your next questions may have to do with how long the installation will take so you can prepare for any downtime. Will the installation time cause a temporary disruption to your business's operations?

The time required will depend on the type of system that will be installed as well as the number of panels that will be used. However, the installation itself usually does not take more than a few days to complete, and you should not have to shut down operations until the building is switched over to the new system.

Asking the above questions when speaking with the installers can help you determine what type of solar equipment can be installed on your roof. Once the system has been chosen, you can also plan for any downtime of your business's operations during the installation, if any. Contact a company that offers industrial solar equipment installation for businesses in your area to speak with a representative for answers to additional questions as well as to discuss your options.


16 November 2022